Parasailing is a once in a life time experience and will truly be the highlight of your holidays. Enjoy some of our most stunning views we have to offer!
Our captain is always eager to please with music, drinks and fruit!
Available up to three people together (depending on weight and wind conditions).
Don’t forget to add our photographic service to your booking to capture those magical moments flying!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Parasailing does have a weight limit which can vary each day depending on the wind conditions. Therefore it may not always be possible to fly with the parasailing trip you have booked, for example, if you have booked a triple for 3 heavy adults, then this is not possible. A triple is usually 1 light adult with 2 children. Again if you have booked a mono trip for 1 person and you are too light, you would not be able to fly. On a good day, the parachute takes up to 180 kilograms. It is best to come and visit us in person on the day you wish to fly to get an accurate understanding of how many persons you can fly with, i.e. as a couple or as a family.

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